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*DUTY. As Iíve done in the past, the five gold I get from winning the election, if I am so blessed, will be given to the South Korean government as a donation to the Bank of Seoul.

You knov what would have been really funny? If Congress actually did vote for the minimum wage to be $6.66 an hour. The American economy would collapse overnight. Every business in the country would either die or flee the country. Citizens would not be able to find jobs, so they would leave as well. Youíd have about fifty folks left in the eUS, all of them working in the government. Now, THAT would have been funny! I would be on the floor in tears from laughing so hard, Tormod trying to tell everyone to not leave the US, it vas just a joke, a cute, harmless bit of silliness.

After a spirited discussion on Dioism last week, weíre trying our hand with a new day and time, talking about one of the most fundamental questions in eRepublik lore, with two names every American should know. A primetime lineup, a primetime topic, and a primetime slot in your IRC programming!


In other words, weíre not as dumb as he thinks we are.

Iím sure the long-time players cursed up and down when this happened, theyíre usually the loudest when changes in gameplay occur. My comments on the new rules probably arenít going to be new to anyone, except to say Iím in favor of it; it takes some of the emphasis away from the hospital in terms of boosting wellness, and places it more on the economy, specifically, these industries:

3. MERITOCRACY. If it should happen that someone from our party runs for Congress of President, my hope is that they will have proven their mettle within the party first. Everyone has to pay their dues. The more effort you put into the party, the more likely you will get your chance to run for office. That means, someone at a lower experience level might get their chance over someone with more experience because he was more active in the party, he did the hard work in building the party, he (or she, Iím not a sexist douche) proved himself as someone willing to get his hands dirty. In this party, if you work hard, youíll get ahead. In the society, the more you put in, the more youíll get out.