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This was a fairly easy call to make.

I think this could be a very good thing for South Korea.

Without being able to rely completely on wargames and the hospital to keep wellness up, every other means is going to rise in importance. Food will be the most obvious impulse buy, the quick fix, but as it stands, thereís not much diversity in the food market in South Korea. A whole bunch of Q1 companies and not much between them and Alfagrem Q5 abilities arenít going to cut it, folks. Every Q5 company in the world has got to be benefiting from the rule; previously, Q5 food was used as an occasional boost, why spend your money on it when you have battles and hospitals to do the work for you?


Regardless, the more one uses the race card, the more it diminishes the concept of racism, until it is rendered meaningless. Many African-Americans were lynched with the N-word ringing in their ears, many Jews were pushed into the ovens. The Goons arenít trying to sit at a lunch counter in the American South in the 1950ís, theyíre not forced to go to restrooms marked GOONS ONLY. Nothing in the eRepublik experience compares in the slightest to things like segregation, apartheid, hate crime, slavery, and genocide. Those who play the race card insult my intelligence, and they insult the memory of the millions of people who have died over the centuries, including in my real home of the United States, simply because they were born a different color.

One of the responsibilities of government is to take potential crises, and to handle them like adults. Iíve always felt, the definition of professionalism is the ability to take a difficult task and make it look easy. Because I did not know who the real Spade was, I did not listen to anyone referring to himself as Spade, asking for the impeachment. Instead, I thought for myself. I voted no for impeachment, and then I called in the admins to handle this, this is what theyíre supposed to do. They took down the strange law proposals and the exposed private messages. The problem has been handled. Thereís certainly no need to anyone to post about how we all MUST REMAIN CALM; if thereís one thing that just irks me, itís when people in roles of leadership tell people to not panic, itís a sure sign theyíre freaking out. Iíve seen it all over the world, I saw it here, and Iíve always told myself, Iíd never do that. Iíve been in worse crises than this, and I didnít do it, I certainly ainít gonna do it tonight.

If this seems like something youíd like to be part of, if you want to be in a party which will be active in its recruitment, will see itself as a community within a community, and will reward hard work, then come on over to the Society. We have a lot to do to make this party something vital and special. There is a thread on the South Korean Forum dedicated to the party: